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Conference papers

29 APR 2018

Life cycle costing techniques for infrastructure sanitation projects

Many authors have attempted to predict a way to be able to forecast project life cycle cost especially at the early phases of the project. This paper covers the different components of the life cycle costing techniques. It also highlights some of the methods used such as the ReCipe Method. The different financial aspects of LCCA are defined such as the constant dollars method and the selection of the discount rate techniques.

A comprehensive literature review has been conducted in order to evaluate the different techniques of cost estimation and the prediction of life cycle costs in mega sanitation infrastructure projects. Mega projects are very dynamic projects that need special management techniques to manage them properly. Most mega projects are dealt with in a traditional way rather than dealing with the complex nature of the project. The prediction of project costs and the life cycle cost can be very tricky when it comes to mega infrastructure project especially during the feasibility study phase.

Findings and discussions have highlighted the most beneficial methods. Finally, conclusions are presented for potential different life cycle techniques to be considered in preparing LCCA for mega sanitation infrastructure projects.

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