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Rural - Impact of National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

This framework for England has swept aside long-established national planning policy for the countryside

Course Duration:
1.5 hours
1.5 hours CPD

Web class recording

£30 + VAT


Planning Policy Statements, like their predecessors Planning Policy Guidance Notes, are no more. In their place we have broad statements of national policy which have to be supplemented at the local level. 

This course takes a look at the impact of the new framework on rural development from the point of view of the non-specialist who nevertheless needs to appreciate its impact when dealing with estate management, business development and valuation, as well as the latest developments with permitted development rights in the countryside.

Course format

This web class recording will be a combination of structured learning points, using a Powerpoint presentation. Once you are enrolled, you have access to all course materials.

*This course will be available for 14 days from the date of purchase. 

Who should take this course

This will be of particular interest to

  • Practising estate managers
  • Rural and agricultural valuers
  • Others with an interest in farm and estate management, appraisal and valuation. 
  • Experienced land agents will be able to update their knowledge in this developing area.  For less experienced valuers and trainees, as well as landowners and farmers, the Web Class will serve as an excellent introduction to the role of the NPPF in development control and local policy development. 



A professional or business background in valuation or rural estate management, coupled with an awareness of the general application of planning control and policy on farms and estates.

Learning outcomes

  • Review the scope of ‘development’ and development control under planning legislation as it affects farms and rural estates
  • Interpret the new policy framework in which development control decisions are made, and in particular the relationship between national planning policy as expressed in the NPPF and local policy
  • Analyse the availability of permitted development rights for common examples of rural development
  • Reflect the impact of planning requirements in valuations and other appraisals
  • Deal with simple planning inquiries and know when to call on more expert inputs.

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