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Fly fishing with Pifflers

Are you a fly fishing enthusiast?

Is fly fishing something you have considered but never had the chance to do?

Take a chance and join Property Industry Flyfishers otherwise known as Pifflers.

Member benefits

This club was originally founded exclusively for our professionals. Now the club also accepts non-members, meaning you can bring your friends for a discounted rate too. Fish in a number of key locations, including Upper Avon, the Kennet and the Test any time you wish.

Membership costs only £30 per annum for our professionals. Bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis. Don’t miss out.

book your space today

Additonal features

  • Get tackle discounts at Farlows and John Norris
  • Potential discounts at a number of fishing social events
  • Access Flyfishing TV as a zero cost to the value of 50 vouchers (a normal programme costs 3 vouchers)

Many professionals recoup this in their first purchase from John Norris.

Join Pifflers today

Fishing is now an expensive sport: don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy this much loved pastime at a discounted price.

Membership currently stands at 160 and is growing. Your membership can be secured at

Contact Pifflers

Any queries please refer to Paul Welling on 07770 632296 or at