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Surveying technology

How are advances in technology transforming the way we work and what new opportunities are they creating?

It is no longer sufficient to embrace innovations and trends that are already underway. To stay ahead, companies must work methodically to sense new possibilities that exist far beyond the digital frontier.

Beyond the Digital Frontier

49% of the activities that people are paid to do in the global economy have the potential to be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technology.

Global Institute Report, 2017

Augmented reality
The rapid development of new technologies is opening up exciting surveying possibilities

Entrepreneurs are moving into construction; venture capital start-up funding for construction technology worldwide grew from £70m in 2012 to £286m last year and is forecast to grow even more.

Matt Gough
Innovation director, Mace

Drones, blockchain and virtual reality

See how opportunities are being created by the latest technological innovations.

Infographics: in our Future of the Surveying consultation, you told us...