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Appeal Panel Hearings

10 MAR 2019

Mr G Ramsbottom – 07 March 2019

Mr G Ramsbottom [0097196]
Appeal Panel hearing – 07 March 2019

At a Disciplinary Panel on 16 November 2018 the Panel heard the case against Mr G Ramsbottom for a failure to comply with Rule 6 of the Rules of Conduct for Members 2007, in that he did not comply with RICS’ CPD requirements for the year 2016.

The Panel expelled Mr Ramsbottom from membership of RICS.

Mr Ramsbottom appealed the decision of the Disciplinary Panel and this was heard by an Appeal Panel on 07 March 2019.

The Appeal Panel allowed Mr Ramsbottom’s appeal and ordered that the expulsion and costs from the previous hearing be discharged.