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Clients' money - tenancy deposits registered

If yes, which of the following schemes is your firm registered with? How many clients does the firm hold money for?

Having this information will help us plan when we conduct regulatory review visits and will help the visiting accountant to understand the extent of clients' money activity within the firm.

Select options:

  • Computershare Investor Services Plc - Custodial Scheme (The Deposit Protection Service)
  • The Dispute Service Ltd - Insurance-based scheme
  • The National Landlords Association - Insurance-based scheme (Tenancy Deposit Solutions
  • None
  • No new deposits taken since 6 April 2007

There are two types of scheme:

  • A single custodial scheme. Under this scheme deposits will be held centrally and are lodged through Computershare Investor Services Plc, which has been approved by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to operate the scheme. There are no membership or other fees charged to landlords and tenants. Administration of the scheme is financed by interest earned on deposits held. This scheme's dispute resolution service is funded similarly.
  • An insurance-backed scheme. There are currently two which have received approval from the DCLG (in time there may be more). These will be run by: a) The Dispute Service Ltd. (TDS); b) The National Landlords Association (NLA). This scheme has been operated under several names including Tenancy Deposit Solutions and My Deposits.

 If your firm only holds deposits that you have been holding since before 6 April 2007, please select "No new deposits taken since 6 April 2007".

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