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1 MAY 2019

Meet Alvin Leung MRICS, Young Surveyor of the Year 2019

Director (Investment), Hong Kong Capital Markets at JLL Alvin Leung MRICS scooped the Young Surveyor of the Year Award at the RICS Awards Hong Kong 2019. In addition to his outstanding career achievements, the jury panel also commended Alvin for his contribution to the surveying profession. Alvin tells us more about his career and what inspires him in his own words.

It all started with LEGO

My interests have always been buildings and cities. I actually envisioned myself as an architect or a town planner when I was younger — I was a big fan of Lego and the SimCity game series. However, as I grew up, I realised I had more of a mind for numbers and market data rather than artistry, so surveying seemed to be a perfect match for me — it has all the elements that I am passionate about.

Surveying touches every part of our daily lives. No matter it is — the accommodation we live in, the transportation we commute in, or the infrastructure we operate in — surveyors play a part in it. As a surveyor in Hong Kong, you'll never run out of talking points as property prices are always at the heart of Hong Kongers. We're always interested in updates and forecasts about the property market and my role is right on the pulse of the market.

A continuous journey

Scooping the award for Young Surveyor of the Year 2019 is definitely one of my major professional successes, but I am still on a steep learning curve. For me, success is part of a continuous professional journey to master skills and accrue knowledge.

So, perhaps my greatest success will be when I receive the RICS Lifetime Achiever award!

Alvin Leung MRICS receives his award
Alvin Leung MRICS receives his award

Staying motivated

Learning and encountering new things always keeps me motivated, in fact, the best part of my job is that I am always exposed to new building concepts and innovative ideas. What makes a property interesting is not just the bricks and mortar, but the stories behind it. It can be the fun facts related to its construction, the materials it is made of, or even the history of the owners themselves — these all bring a property to life.

Inspiration... everywhere

It isn't just those with significant professional knowledge that inspire me, but also those that have a remarkable attitude towards life and work, and maintain their composure in difficult or stressful situations.

There are a few individuals who have already had an impact on my professional career, such as Joseph Tsang, C K Lau FRICS and Rita Wong MRICS, who I work closely with at work. Their extensive field knowledge, dedication to the industry, perseverance at work, and tolerance are truly inspiring — they are excellent role models.

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Nurturing young professionals has always been a core value of the firm I work for and winning this award is testimony to the time and resources invested to make me a future talent.

I feel it is my responsiblity to "pay it forward" and use the mantle of RICS Young Surveyor of the Year as a platform from which I can promote the built environment industry. My aim is to inspire the next generation to consider a career in surveying.

Words to the wise

If there was one thing I encourage young professionals to consider, it would be technology. No matter what shape or form it takes, this is the single biggest thing that is reshaping our industry. We don't have a crystal ball to tell us which technology will be the ultimate game-changer, so the only thing we can do is ensure that we stay as adaptive as possible and maintain an open mind.

Many people are concerned that jobs will be replaced by technology, but I believe technology will create new jobs at the same time — a change in job nature, if you will. The biggest challenges for surveyors are to keep abreast of new technologies to retain a competitive edge and to adapt to new ways of working that are on the horizon... we must be prepared.