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1 OCT 2019

Meet Matrics Committee Chair Alan Choi MRICS

Alan Choi MRICS was appointed the new Chair of RICS Matrics Committee in Hong Kong, effective from 1 August 2019 for an initial tenure of two years.

Alan developed an interest in real estate when he took up an internship during university. After graduating from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce (Finance & Real Estate), he returned to Hong Kong and continued his journey into the property sector. He joined Emperor Group in 2015 and is now responsible for their property investment, development, leasing, and sales and marketing. In January 2018, he passed the APC assessment and qualified as a RICS-qualified chartered surveyor through the commercial property pathway.

Alan tells us more about himself and his vision for young surveyors in Hong Kong in his own words.

Disruption of technology cannot be neglected

Technology has impacted every walk of life — the surveying industry is not exempt from this. Over the past decade, our industry has evolved at lightening speed, technology presents us with one of the biggest challenges for the future. Representing young and future surveyors, RICS Matrics — the well-established community of young RICS chartered surveyors — plays a pivotal role in engaging and inspiring the next generation and future leaders of the profession.

As a young surveyor, I would like to lead our profession to embrace technology and adapt to the fast-paced market. Using RICS Matrics as a sounding board, we can connect and support students, trainees and newly qualified professionals in the early stages of their careers. I also wish to act as a role model and ambassador within the industry.

Technologies, such as 5G, AI, Blockchain, 3D printing, virtual reality and autonomous equipment, not only play an important role in various industry processes, but also impact back-office services, such as sales and marketing.

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When practising structural learning of surveying, we must understand how new technologies change the market in order for us to grow the profession. RICS Matrics will work with technology providers to raise the profession's understanding and knowledge about cutting-edge technology applications and how we might benefit from them.

RICS Matrics will have three priorities over the next three years. We will promote the participation and engagement of young chartered surveyors to the industry, lead our profession to embrace technology and adapt to fast-changing markets, and support next generations with their APC journey towards the globally recognised RICS qualification.

All generations can benefit

RICS Matrics is forward thinking in its outlook of the profession. It supports new surveyors entering the profession and works hand-in-hand with RICS to shape the future of surveying and help grow the profession. By participating in RICS Matrics activities, young surveyors can broaden their skill set and widen their professional network.

Over the next few years, we aim to influence and inspire three types of young people: trainee surveyors, newly qualified surveyors, and established RICS professionals. For trainee surveyors, we will support APC or Associate candidates through their qualification journey by providing assistance and advice.

With a goal to promote the use and adoption of new technologies, RICS Matrics will also leverage the knowledge of young surveyors to support and inform more experienced professionals and, ultimately, raise the service standard. We aim to help these individuals become tomorrow's role models.

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