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11 FEB 2019

Total package: Asia Pacific’s 7 most valued employment benefits

Last year, the industry weighed in on the top employee benefits in the annual RICS and Macdonald & Company Asia Pacific Rewards & Attitudes Survey. But which benefits are the most precious to built-environment professionals?

Of the 19 possible choices, pension/gratuity (15%), profit share (9%) and a company car (8%) were the only benefits to see a decline across the range of employee benefits.

Scroll down to see which benefits got the biggest boost, in ascending order.

7. Housing allowance

Less money spent on housing, means more can be spent elsewhere. 17% of respondents — up from 14% last year — consider a housing allowance (sometimes called a rental allowance) to be a boon to their working contract.

6. 13-month guaranteed bonus

A guaranteed bonus means another holiday, a boost to personal savings, or some new tech to make life that much easier, to name but a few uses. 30% of respondents said this annual financial bump is a must-have (up from 20% last year).

5. Dental insurance

An award-winning smile can't be ignored and it's often the first thing many people notice — first impressions mean everything. 33% appreciate it when employers help pearly-whites stay that much better (an increase of 10% since last year).

4. Performance-related bonus

What's better than a 13-month guaranteed bonus? Another bonus! High-performing individuals appreciate the incentive some employers offer, which is why many put this at number four with 40% of the vote (up from 33% in 2017).

3. Mobile phone

Used all the call allowance on work-related calls? Data dried up thanks to responding to endless work emails? A work mobile phone goes a long way to ensure you're never left phone-less, which is why 52% put this at number three (3% more than 2017).

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2. Work-life balance (a five-day working week)

A healthy work-life balance is high on the industry's priority list, with 72% of respondents listing a five-day working week as the second most popular benefit of 2017 — up slightly from 2018's results (67%).

1. Health insurance

Always costly and always important. Health insurance only just took the top spot in 2018 as the most valued addition to an employee package (72%). This is 10% higher than the year before, which isn't surprising given the peace of mind it provides.