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Press release

23 MAR 2018

RICS & HKIS enter Mutual Recognition Agreement

The mutual recognition offers a streamlined application process for professional surveyor membership qualifications, which will allow surveying professionals to practise globally in markets where they have local knowledge, and ultimately benefit their portfolio and raise their membership standing worldwide.

Members of the General Practice Division of HKIS and professional members of RICS chartered through a valuation pathway (Chartered Valuation Surveyors) will be recognised by both organisations.

RICS encourages and promotes the highest global professional qualifications and standards in the development and management of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure. RICS valuation standards (also known as “Red Book”) have been widely adopted around the world. With this mutual recognition arrangement in place, RICS will provide enhanced quality assurance and credibility in a global marketplace to Hong Kong professionals working to international valuation standards.

With the development of mega-scale infrastructure and construction projects as a result of the Belt and Road initiative and the Greater Bay Area development, this mutual membership recognition is a strategic move by RICS and HKIS to bring benefits and career opportunities to their members. Belt and Road and Greater Bay Area developments rely heavily on construction and surveying professionals with globally recognised qualifications.

“This mutual recognition of partnership with HKIS is an accomplishment in our 150 years of history and an opportunity to honour the outstanding contributions surveyors have made to the built environment in Hong Kong,” said Mr Clement Lau FRICS, Chair of RICS Hong Kong Board. “With local and regional demand surging for Asia’s surveyors, surveying professionals with dual RICS and HKIS qualifications will be a top priority for mega-scale projects in the pipeline.”

Sr Dick Kwok, President of the HKIS, added “Surveying professionals with dual RICS and HKIS qualifications would be strong candidates for participating in foreign-aid projects when Mainland enterprises ‘go out’ to work with Belt and Road countries, and also to have more presence internationally. The HKIS will continue to maintain the standard of the industry and uphold the professional standards, along with the Institute’s influence and success, internationally while playing a key role in ensuring that its members avail themselves of the opportunities on offer.”

For further details or admission, please contact RICS (e or t +852 2537 7117); or HKIS (e or t +852 2526 3679).