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RICS 150

9 JUL 2018

Nicola Tursi MRICS: Porta Nuova district

Nicola Tursi MRICS was the Property Manager responsible for the property management activities during the redevelopment of the Porta Nuova District in Milan.

The Project, which began in 2009, was a major renovation of Milan’s main business area that had suffered from a long period of urban decay. Nicola’s role as Property Manager was vital in ensuring the new buildings of the development reached maximum market value.

The project has had a hugely positive impact on both society and the local economy, with increased international investment in the area. Companies like Nike, Google and Samsung are some of those that have moved into the development, as well as many luxury fashion brands and restaurants that now occupy the retail units. The project has also created an inclusive social and demographic approach by considering all types of family structures for the residential unit.

As Property Manager, Nicola advised on best practice, provided some clever solutions that optimised the property’s maintenance, without compromising the surrounding environment. For example, Nicola recommended, along with a dedicated international team, building materials that are easy to maintain and have a minimal impact on the environment. Other elements that can also be credited to Nicola’s involvement include a special self-cleaning façade and a ground water pump system, which provides a regular supply of water.

Porta Nuova is one of the biggest urban development projects in Europe. The 340,000m2 site is now home to 20 high-rise buildings, parks and a new metro station. The project was complete in 2014 and after one year of opening, had attracted over 12 million visitors, establishing itself as a mixed-use area providing 140,000 m2 of office space, 403 residential units, 40,000 m2 of retail and cultural venues.

Nicola’s management of the project has enabled it to be a real success generating new attractions for citizens and tourists alike, as well as retaining existing talent.