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Conference papers

31 MAY 2018

Statistics the propeller for quantitative analysis

A variety of research has been conducted that has sought to improve the Nigerian construction industry. Despite the frequent research, the industry it is still faced with the same problems, such as cost overruns and poor safety among construction professionals.

Purpose of the study

This study recognized poor understanding of the statistical test used for quantitative research design as the main reason for the poor contribution of the research findings to the construction industry. Therefore, the study examined the challenges and level of understanding with statistical test among construction researchers (Postgraduate students) in a selected University within, Nigeria.

Questionnaire was utilized for sourcing through a convenience sampling method. A total of 45 questionnaires were obtained from the students out of 60 that was distributed and was analyzed using SPSS V 20. The study concludes that construction researchers mainly adopt quantitative research design, but have a low understanding of various statistical test used for quantitative analysis. Difficulty in getting a response to questionnaires is the main challenges confronting construction researchers when using quantitative research design.


The study recommends that construction researchers should adopt a mixed research design (quantitative and qualitative) in other to improve the quality of research in the construction industry.

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