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RICS Data Service

RICS Data Services

At the core of our services is our ability and experience in collecting, modelling, analysing and interpreting data.

Bespoke solutions gives you the opportunity to tap into our knowledge and find answers to problems that can’t be resolved through standard information sources.

What we offer

We offer more than just information services: we provide bespoke solutions and research support to stakeholders throughout the supply chain in both the public and private sector. Our bespoke offerings aim to provide:

  • improved business investment and performance
  • facilitated value in capital expenditure planning and control
  • improvement in operating expenditure planning and control
  • better understanding of future demand and cost pressures.

Our clients include

  • Highways Agency
  • Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS)
  • Defence Infrastructure Organisation
  • Homes and Communities Agency
  • Association of British Insurers
  • Kykloud
  • Nomitech

Make an enquiry

Dr David Crosthwaite
Head of Bespoke Data Services
t: 0207 695 1541

Joe Martin
Lead consultant


Our assurance services improve business investment and performance through reducing risk in investment, supporting decisions with benchmarking, and expert witness support, including

  • Auditing
  • Expert witness and legal support services
  • Benchmarking
  • Cost modelling; and
  • Classification.

Some recent Assurance projects:

  • Technical audit of government department's index methodology
  • Development of classification systems for BIM Solutions
  • Producing an asset valuation base for a water company
  • Survey of international methods of measurement
  • Modelling the impact of demand on construction prices for a major infrastructure project
  • Survey of current procurement practices
  • Whole life cost modelling for the social housing sector.

Bespoke Solutions contacts

Dr David Crosthwaite, Head of Bespoke Data Solutions 
Joe Martin, Lead consultant

Call +44 (0)207 695 1541


Our highly experienced research team delivers leading-edge knowledge about the latest trends in construction, infrastructure and FM through in-depth reporting and research, to assist in controlling costs and maximising value for money on projects.

Our services include:

  • Construction, Infrastructure, FM market economics; and
  • Research.

Some recent Insight projects:

  • Calculating the in-house inflationary movements experienced by operating units of global construction company
  • Forecasting future in-house inflationary movements for global construction company
  • Producing a series of 7 year inflation forecasts for major infrastructure project in UK water sector
  • Producing forecasts for Price Adjustment Formulae Indices for civil engineering (Baxter Indices) for the Highways Agency
  • Producing a forecast for infrastructure output prices and the long term relationship between RPI or CPI and infrastructure output prices for the Highways Agency
  • Researching a Public/Private House building Cost Comparator Report for the Homes and Communities Agency.

Bespoke Solutions Contacts

Dr David Crosthwaite, Head of Bespoke Data Services tel: 0270 695 1541
Joe Martin
, Lead consultant

Alternatively call RICS Contact Centre on +44 (0)24 7686 8555

Forecasting and inflation measures

BCIS has unrivalled experience in measuring price movement and forecasting and can call on both statistical expertise and an understanding of the construction industry to provide:

  • Input Cost, Tender Price and Market Condition and Demand Forecasts
  • Long term forecasts (+10 years)
  • Forecasting inflation by location and project type
  • Uplifting historic project costs
  • Labour forecasts
  • Forecasts of non-construction costs that impact on the cost of delivery

Key Benefits

  • Help mitigate your inflationary risk through independent forecasts based on decades
  • of experience working with the construction sector
  • Provide the means to quantify the elements of inflationary risk with a robust auditable trail
  • The use of our forecasts can make your tenders more competitive, help identify efficiency.

Smart Data

As pioneers of web-based cost data delivery to construction, BCIS is actively engaged in supplying data libraries, classifications systems and APIs, including:

  • Bespoke cost and carbon data
  • Bespoke schedule of rates
  • BIM data solutions
  • Data hosting

Some recent Smart Data projects

  • Providing BIM data solutions, API and web services to BIM software vendors
  • Licensing BCIS cost, life cycle and carbon data libraries to BIM software tools
  • Licensing RICS content and templates to surveying app providers
  • Providing major government department with complete validated cost analysis and data hosting service.

Data and content licensing

We offer flexible licence agreements that allow customers to deliver BCIS data and content feeds into any secure application.

BCIS licensing partners value our data to enhance their brand by providing their business and users with fully integrated independent, consistent and reliable cost data.

BCIS licensing partners value our data because they have a need for independent, consistent and reliable cost data as essential decision support information. BCIS data provides you with authoritative, up-to-date data that can be used within various distribution systems.

BCIS services address the following areas:

  • Capital Construction Costs (New build; Extension & Refurbishment)
  • Whole life building costs (Maintenance & Occupancy Costs)
  • Construction Cost Estimating (Resource costs estimation - price book data)
  • Indexation
  • Rebuilding costs for residential surveyors and the insurance sector

BCIS offers customisable data feeds that can seamlessly integrate with your own internal systems or drive your own data resale offering. Flexible licensing agreements make it easy to enhance your brand and provide your business and users with BCIS data.

Data and content licensing contact: 

Louise Weale
Call +44 (0)24 7686 8555


BCIS publishes survey-based international cost information.

We have a growing market in providing consultancy to organisations outside the UK and we are currently developing new services in response.

To discuss the options, please contact:
David Crosthwaite,  Head of Bespoke Data Solutions

Call +44 (0)207 695 1541