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Appeal Panel Hearings

8 OCT 2019

Mr Roderick Stephens - 02 and 03 October 2019

Appeal Panel Hearing

Case of Mr Roderick Stephens [0094009]
NSW, Australia

At a Disciplinary Panel hearing on 14 May 2019 – 17 May 2019 and 20 May 2019 – 24 May 2019 (exc 22 May 2019), the Panel found Mr Stephens had acted with a lack of integrity in failing to comply with the terms of an Agreed Outcome. The Panel expelled Mr Stephens from membership of RICS and ordered him to contribute towards RICS' costs.

Mr Stephens appealed the decision of the Disciplinary Panel, and this was heard by an Appeal Panel on 02 & 03 October 2019. The Appeal Panel dismissed the Appeal and awarded costs in favour of RICS.