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Commercial Reinstatement Tool

Commercial Reinstatement Tool

This tool gives you the means to find out how much you or your clients’ commercial property is likely to cost to reinstate should it be destroyed

Find reinstatement costs for a range of commercial building types, external works and professional fees - through a subscription for this online tool

  • Benefits
  • What's included


It will help you

  • Get an immediate reinstatement result
  • Reduce risk of over and under-insuring your client’s commercial property
  • Determine reinstatement costs from a historic database spanning more than 50 years of construction project data
  • Be confident in business interruption estimations with our duration calculators
  • Be able to advise on costs for professional fees, and external works
  • Show clients results first-hand with the PDF download facility
  • Save, edit, copy and duplicate assessments to save time and allow entry of correct and comprehensive information
  • Give peace of mind as it is updated in line with the latest Building Regulations

Used by

  • Brokers
  • Loss Adjusters
  • Insurers

What's included

What's included

  • Using the extensive RICS database of building costs, you can find out reinstatement costs for a range of commercial building types, along with external works and professional
  • Our duration calculators will also tell you how long it will take to rebuild the property
  • By entering in the information on the tool, a result will be returned to you immediately

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