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28 JUN 2018

Cities for our Future regional shortlists announced

After almost 1,200 entries and over two weeks of deliberation, our regional judging panels of experts, RICS professionals and partners have narrowed the list down to a total of just 48 competitors.

Competitors of the Cities for our Future challenge represent Sub-Saharan Africa; East Asia and China; Europe; Middle East and Northern Africa; North America; Oceania; South East Asia; South and Central America; South Asia; and the UK.

Our regional panels will now decide a regional winner and runner up, and these 10 winners, plus two of the best runners up, will go on to make our global shortlist, which we’ll announce on 18 July. We wish those who reached this phase of the competition the best of luck, and thanks again to everyone who entered.

Shortlisted entries

  • Anna Budnikova

    A new technology to solve the problem of water scarcity in Kazan, Russia, by extracting moisture from the air.

    Aitor López

    An idea to create more green space in Milan by changing the way the streets are used to decrease parking space.

    Mariarosaria Angrisano

    The creation of a digital knowledge platform called Sharing the Waterfront to monitor and highlight pollution.

    Maria Dolniak with a team of young professionals

    The installation of public benches that capture rainwater, to tackle water shortages in Poznan, Poland.

    Tijman Dekkers

    An idea for a new system to capture and filter rainwater in urban areas.

  • Ansar Azeez

    A 10km2 satellite village, called Smart Village Dubai, which features a specially designed energy-generating greenhouse unit that generates crops.

    Ayman Amin

    A design for new photovoltaic panels with an innovative passive cooling method to increase efficiency and output in GCC cities.

    Claudio Freitas

    An Internet of Things Water Control Management System. Although it is applicable to numerous countries across the world, it was originally developed to address problems with water reliability in Azraq refugee camp in Jordan.

    Rasha Abuolaim

    An idea to use salt from the Dead Sea for both green construction and as a source of electricity.

    Yicheng Xu

    A new water infrastructure system, to improve water scarcity and inequality in Jordan.

  • Benedikte Vefling

    An idea to provide floating, affordable houses in New York City to help combat high land prices and provide cheaper homes.

    Cheyenne Lau

    A scheme to help regenerate Coney Island, New York, by creating a Canal City, to help prevent flooding, revitalise the local economy and attract tourists.

    William Campion

    A plan to address problems of flooding in New York with an idea for a new, smarter kind of building structure for floodable areas.

    William Readshaw

    An initiative to utilise heat waste from the growing number of urban data centers in cities like New York to feed district heating systems.

    Yujie Wang

    An innovative scheme combining drone technology and pioneering energy generation techniques to harvest wind energy from the polar front jet steam; a belt of powerful winds high up in the atmosphere that runs over Toronto.

  • Bartlomiej Cybula

    The idea of ‘urban densification’, which aims to solve the problem of rapid urbanisation in cities like Melbourne.

    Clayton McDowell and team

    A specially designed house, called Desert Rose, which aims to provide elderly inhabitants with an improved living environment, while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.

    Laurie Gillies

    IMPACT Hive: an affordable, multi-layered living space that is available to those looking for short to medium term accommodation following an earthquake.

    Natalie Kalinina

    A new approach to urban development, named Micropolis.

    Pamela Larocca

    A radical design for new housing to combat rising sea levels, called Ecof(I)ood.

  • James Browning

    Towers that would provide water, sustainable energy and infrastructure to the community in Caracas.

    Nicolas Le Roux

    Expanding Cocó Park in Fortaleza to include the city and its surroundings in an attempt to involve the community in its preservation and better protect it.

    Daniel Marquez

    Installing wells that would allow water back into the aquifer in Mexico City to prevent flooding and stop the city sinking further.

    Flora Milanes

    Renovating abandoned buildings in the centre of Sao Paolo with pre-built internal structures to provide housing for homeless people.

    Tiago Brito da Silva

    Clearing unsolicited dumping areas created by the city’s rapid expansion to create working spaces for ambitious entrepreneurs.

  • Fiona Grieve

    An aluminium potassium sulphate based water filter that allows a ready supply of clean water in Bangladesh.

    Julia King

    Core House: a concrete frame that provides a basic structure for residents to build on over time.

    Sayali Virulkar

    Urban farming, an agricultural and urban co-habitation approach.

    Kavin Sundar

    A scheme to address the impact of urbanisation by turning disused land into common space for public use.

    Sharmila Kandeeban

    Puranide, an organic filtration system.

  • Alistair Brook

    Construction of an innovation hub in the North West of Bali to help address the trade and tourism imbalance.

    Hasseef Rafiei

    New vernacular housing geared towards preserving cultural identities in Kuala Lumpur.

    Patrick Forlales

    Affordable, expandable, modular, bamboo housing in Manila to address the housing crisis.

    Junver Arcayna

    An accessible and affordable banking app for the people of the Philippines.

    John Laboguin

    Reinforced concrete tiles to be introduced in Singapore that convert waste heat energy to useful electrical energy.

  • Jonathan Wilson

    A community funded affordable housing scheme to help solve the housing crisis in Cape Town.

    Joseph Augustin

    An idea to retrofit existing buildings in cities across Africa with 3D printed porous insulation panels to improve liveability and reduce energy consumption for cooling and ventilation.

    Eiman Alsakha

    A plan to build upon the current informal TRO-TRO minibus system to create an effective and more formal transport network based around a number of hubs.

    Joseph Mwangi

    An idea to use recycled plastic in buildings to help deal with plastic waste in Nairobi.

    Michel Lardin

    A plan to use bamboo, one of the world’s fastest growing plants, combined with low carbon Glue laminate technology to build low cost social housing to help solve Nairobi’s housing problems.

  • Henry Smith

    An idea to address the environmental impact of clay bricks by making them out of waste materials like cigarette butts and coffee grounds.

    Mike Richardson

    Urban food modules that would produce fish, mushrooms and vegetables in mini-ecosystems.

    Thomas Jackson

    A new approach to building on the UK’s greenbelt.

    Soran Shangapur

    An idea to address homelessness in Glasgow by converting car parks into overnight homeless shelters.

    Megan Burke

    A discount on commercial business rates to incentivise businesses to install air purification towers in London.