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Conference papers

29 APR 2018

Positioning quantity surveyors in a collaborative production system

Through a literature review and in-depth interviews, the study examines the position of Quantity Surveyors (QSs) in a collaborative production setting, revealing how they might collaborate with other stakeholders in construction. In addition, it also revealed an example of practice that shows how QSs can challenge and improve their current position going into collaborative practice.

The lack of trust and collaboration between Quantity Surveyors (QSs) with other project stakeholders, is impeding their ability to create value and minimize wastes in construction processes. Precisely, the adversity that exists between the client & contractor’s quantity surveyors (PQS/CQS) and the rest of the key stakeholders has allowed ‘self-interest’ to thrive to an extent that it hinders the practicality of achieving true collaboration in practice.

Traditionally, QSs within the UK system are popularly known for their commercial management functions i.e. contract advice and cost related roles. But, prevailing customer practice has brought about a ‘duality’ in the construction model where now QSs functions are separated from that of the project production team (client, designers, constructors). Accordingly, a recent industry report (Modernize or Die), cautioned that the UK industry need to transform to a much higher-level model i.e. manufactured led construction –delivering in a more integrated system (ideally through collaboration).

Furthermore, the report also calls on the QS professionals to revalidate their core competencies for the industry to modernize. This shows that many of the QSs functions acting on either side, that amount to multiple transactional interfaces needs to disappear.

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