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BCIS Price Books

BCIS Price Books

BCIS Alterations and Refurbishment Price Book 2019

BCIS Alterations & Refurbishment Price Book -£120


The Alterations & refurbishment price book 2018 focuses on small to medium sized projects, generally working within an existing building and reflecting the increase in costs brought about the reduction in output, smaller discounts, increased carriage, increased supervision, and less productivity brought about by smaller economies of scale, increased production costs, more difficult access and the possibility of working in occupied premises.

All material, plant and labour prices fully reviewed and updated. 

The dataset is presented in trade order. It is compiled using the latest independent costing information from manufacturers, material and plant suppliers, legislation effects and working rule agreements. The data is produced, edited and quality controlled by Chartered Quantity Surveyors experienced at the 'working face' on both the contracting and professional side of the construction industry.

This dataset is also available in digital format - BCIS Schedule of rates. Read more info on the online version or select your package and buy online now.

Guide to Estimating for Small Works

BCIS Guide to Estimating for Small Works - £66


The guide to estimating for small works provides a comprehensive selection of fully priced standard estimates for the most common type, style and size of building extension, with the total cost of each section or element clearly shown, plus a separate detailed price build up for each section or element included in the standard estimates, how the cost of the foundations, walls, roof, etc. have been built up.

Created specifically for the busy builder or construction professional, this book makes pricing quick and easy by providing the user with no less than 256 standard estimates of varying size and construction.

Produced to service the specialised small works sector of the market. Includes legal and planning considerations, plus extensive pricing analysis with whole project costs and unit rates, invaluable for the small builder.

Painting and Decorating Price Book

BCIS Painting & Decorating Price Book - £44


The 25th edition of the BCIS Painting and Decorating Price Book has been thoroughly revised. It contains guide prices for redecoration work in existing properties as well as decoration work in new buildings, including internal and external work and a full range of surface treatments.

It is the most reliable price book available to the painting and decorating sector of the industry suitable for projects up to approximately £30,000.

All material and labour prices have been reviewed and updated to reflect current average price conditions to make the task of pricing estimates or schedules both quick and easy. This dataset is the handiest pricing tool available to the painting and decorating sector of the industry. In this edition, we have added new items on composite section.
This is the hardcopy format. However, it is available in an online format, visit for further information.

Buildign Maintenance Price Book

BCIS Building Maintenance Price Book - £145


The 38th edition has been thoroughly revised and updated. The price book aims to represent prices for maintenance and repair work and as such, provides a realistic and useful source of vital maintenance cost information for estimating and pricing.

Working from the latest BCIS Building Maintenance Price Book is essential if you're a public or private sector property professional and you want to avoid the dangers of under-charging or over-paying for maintenance work.

Access BCIS Maintenance Price Data through the BCIS Schedule of Rates Online platform and you'll have all the information contained in the book, at your fingertips - wherever you're working. For full details please visit

BCIS Dilapidations Price Book

BCIS Dilapidations Price Book - £202


The BCIS Dilapidations Estimating Dataset is designed specifically for producing Schedules of Dilapidations. It is compiled and updated using the same stringent quality control procedures used in the other BCIS databases. It is essential for anyone providing early cost advice to landlords or tenants on costs of complying with Schedules of Dilapidations. All material, plant and labour prices fully reviewed and updated.

The book is laid out in a practical, user-friendly structure, enabling practitioners to find relevant price information quickly and effectively and providing key supporting information to assist practitioners in practice.

The new edition is set out in accordance with the RICS New rules of measurement include:

  • Over 4,000 supply and install costs
  • Changes and simplifications to 3.04 Internal decoration and 3.05 External decoration sections. 3.04 and 3.05 decorations rates are now measured under relevant sections such as 3.01 Wall finishes, 3.02 Floor finishes and 3.03 Ceiling finishes.
  • Rates in Substructure, Superstructure, Fittings, furnishings and equipment and Services sections have been heavily revised and updated.

These datasets are also available in digital format - BCIS Schedule of rates. Read more info on the online version or select your package and buy online now.

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