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18 JUL. 2018

Cities for our Future global shortlist announced

The Cities for our Future judges have assessed the regional shortlists to decide the winners, and the two best runners-up from around the world.

The shortlisted projects will now be paired with a relevant RICS professional who will mentor them and help develop their idea ready for the global judging process, which commences in October.


East Asia and China: Katia Sqir

A spider-web-like network of plants, which hangs between homes.

Europe: Tijman Dekkers

An idea for a new system to capture and filter rainwater in urban areas.

Middle East and Northern Africa: Jianwei Li, Yicheng Xu, Yinzhu Shen & Shuting Han 

A new water infrastructure system, to improve water scarcity and inequality in Jordan.

North America: Cheyenne Lau 

A scheme to help regenerate Coney Island, New York, by creating a Canal City, to help prevent flooding, revitalize the local economy and attract tourists.

Oceania: Pamela Larocca

A new prototypical home offered to people living in coastal cities, who face the dangers of rising sea levels.

South and Central America: James Browning

Towers that would provide water, sustainable energy and infrastructure to the community in Caracas.

South Asia: Sayali Virulkar 

Urban farming, an agricultural and urban co-habitation approach.

South East Asia: Earl Patrick Forlales 

A low-cost, modular, and expandable house of up to three storeys, inspired by the Bahay Kubo of the Philippines.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Heat Island

An idea to retrofit existing buildings in cities across Africa with 3D-printed porous insulation panels to improve liveability and reduce energy consumption for cooling and ventilation.

UK: Soran Shangapour 

An idea to address homelessness in Glasgow by converting car parks into overnight homeless shelters.


Middle East and Northern Africa: Engineering for Social Good 

An Internet of Things water control management system: although it is applicable to numerous countries across the world, it was originally developed to address problems with water reliability in Azraq refugee camp in Jordan.

UK: Megan Burke

A discount on commercial business rates to incentivise businesses to install air purification towers in London.