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28 MAY. 2018

Meet Yves Jeanrenaud MRICS: member of the board

After the elections in September 2017, we introduce you to the new board, and their roles and responsibilities. Our seventh interview is with Yves Jeanrenaud MRICS, who is the board member with special responsibility for implementing RICS Standards in Switzerland.

What is your role on the Swiss board?

In the Swiss RICS Board, I am responsible for global professional and ethical standards, with the exception of valuation standards; for example, for the implementation of the new RICS professional statement on Conflicts of Interest, which has been mandatory on all members since the beginning of 2018. I am also in charge of preparing position papers on certain new draft legislation concerning the real estate sector.

What do you want to achieve in your time on the board?

My goal is to further increase the importance of RICS on the Swiss real estate market, by promoting its standards and values in Switzerland and by increasing the number of our publications and of our influential members, to strengthen our existing network and create more confidence in the built environment sector.

What is your professional role and career path?

I am a lawyer and a founding partner of one of the five largest business law firms in Switzerland, Schellenberg Wittmer Limited, with offices in Geneva and Zurich; I head up the Real Estate and Construction Practice Group, and I am also a member of the Strategy Committee.

What first interest you in RICS?

The quality of its network at international level, which quickly convinced me to be a part of it.

What first got you interested in a career in real estate? 

I had the chance, immediately after graduating from law school, to be involved as secretary of the arbitration tribunal in an important arbitration concerning defects in a newly-built factory in Poland. This professional experience immediately sparked a keen interest in the real estate industry.