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Press release

16 ENE. 2018

University course in Prague receives accreditation by RICS

RICS congratulates the Czech Technical University in Prague for being the first RICS accredited course in the Czech Republic.

The global professional body only works with prestigious education providers recognised for their academic excellence.

"Equipping young professionals in our sector with skills and knowledge fit for the 21st century is high on our agenda and therefore I am very pleased to welcome the first RICS accredited course in the Czech Republic. Karel Klecka MRICS, member of the outgoing RICS Board in the Czech Republic has largely contributed to the success of the accreditation process and I would like to thank him for his time and expertise." William Bucknell MRICS, Chairman of RICS in the Czech Republic
The accreditation of the MSc in Construction Project Management and Engineering means that the course meets the highest standards in property education. RICS only accredits courses with an excellent curriculum and a satisfactory international element (projects, study trips or study time abroad; international lecturers). The visiting panel was especially impressed with the use of BIM in the classroom as this is the future of construction.
"We are very proud of this achievement. RICS accreditation is a pledge of quality and the Czech Technical University will work with RICS very closely in bringing highly skilled professionals to the local market." Martin Casensky, Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering
RICS offers a variety of routes to membership that on completion will award the designation MRICS – which is the highest globally recognised qualification a professional in this field can get.

Some routes to membership require an RICS accredited degree and therefore, having now an accredited course in Prague, is an important step in developing the local membership and will allow younger professionals to gain accreditation. Professionals joining the course will be able to join RICS as student member which will immediately give them access to the international knowledge platform of RICS.

"This is a great achievement for the Czech Technical University and for the whole Czech Republic. The accreditation opens international real estate to university students bringing RICS standards to the doorstep of the Czech market. Thank you to all those involved in the accreditation process for their hard work in the last couple of years." Karel Klecka MRICS, on behalf of the outgoing RICS Board in the Czech Republic