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RICS 150

2 MAY. 2018

Robert Cheng: Geospatial mapping using JTUWMA

Robert Cheng is the innovator and founder of JTUWMA, a geospatial mapping application that allows private sector and members of the public immediate access to land parcel information in Sabah State, Borneo.

Geospatial mapping is a type of software that maps and analyses data which is georeferenced, in other words assigned to a specific location on the surface of the Earth.

Created on behalf of the Survey Division of the Sabah Lands and Surveys Department (SLSD), Robert first conceived the application in 2012; however due to technological limitations in the region the application was not created until 2014.

The SLSD is responsible for storing and managing various forms of data and information relating to land including the registration of land, land valuation and most importantly cadastral data.

As custodian of cadastral data, the SLSD is also responsible for ensuring the information can be accessed by multiple users including other government departments, private parties and the general public. Robert’s JTUWMA application has been a step-change in how this data is both stored and accessed.

Robert’s application that is free to download contains twenty-two map layers consisting of eleven base maps and twelve operating layers. It also features information on land parcels, boundary stones, control data, map layers and registered cadastral. This means that information that was once only accessible via land offices is now available at anytime from anywhere.

Robert Cheng’s technology has been revolutionary to government officials and surveying professionals in Sabah, allowing individuals to make immediate decisions over plots, without having to make long site visits.