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13 NOV 2018

Challenging the status quo on the measure of success

What do our CEO, Executive Director - Brand and Thought Leadership and the England football manager all have in common? They’re all being recognised as part of the inaugural Kindness & Leadership Awards.

To mark World Kindness Day (13 November), The Women of the Future network, in association with Lloyds Banking Group, have announced ‘50 Leading Lights’ recognising the contribution of kind leaders to business, society and the economy.

The Kindness & Leadership ‘50 Leading Lights’ showcases 50 leaders who are challenging the status quo on success, and are making an impact on organisations and society through kindness. The aim is to share their stories to inspire others and recast perceptions of ‘strong’ leadership, with kindness being seen as a strength in leadership and as a quality and currency that empowers change.

Sean Tompkins, CEO was one of fifteen male leaders to make the list. He was awarded for not only placing great emphasis on people and culture and challenging diversity across the industry, but for being a ‘shining light’ when it comes to empowering women.

As CEO, Sean actively encourages women into promotion and leadership roles, within the organisation and the industry as a whole. He actively invests and promotes the value of engagement, listening, consulting, mentoring and making sure people who want to succeed can.

Most of the biggest challenges facing the world today are not matters that can be resolved by any one person, organisation or institution. Collaboration is key to success and human kindness is at the heart of a collaborative society. The productivity of our people is fundamentally essential to business success. Businesses that have kindness in their DNA are concerned about the overall wellbeing of their people. People respond to businesses that care and enhance their wellbeing and productivity follows as a result.

Sean Tompkins

Gillian Charlesworth, Executive Director - Brand and Thought Leadership, was awarded for striving to change the image of our profession. Through RICS' partnership with the Women of the Future Awards, Gillian set up the Women of the Future network, consisting of the finalists from the real estate, infrastructure and construction category.

Through the network, women are empowered and coached through the leadership pipeline and this in turn is encouraging more women into the industry.

Gillian commented: "If our world is going to become ever more divided, we need leaders who care about people and act as role models in treating all with respect. With political leaders failing in this, business leaders can show the way and lead a shift in our culture."

Gillian Charlesworth

I believe, kindness by leaders, including respect, honesty and fairness, motivates people every day to do their best and strive for results, producing long-term success for both organisations and individuals.

Gillian Charlesworth
Executive Director, Brand and Thought Leadership, RICS

The Kindness & Leadership 50 Leading Lights campaign was launched to challenge how business celebrates success. Leaders are frequently praised on profitability or productivity, but these celebrations often overlook the role of kindness. Kindness makes business sense; impacting outcomes including productivity, engagement or customer service, making now the perfect time to change the conversation around kindness in leadership.

By challenging the status quo, kind leaders don’t only change lives but can transform organisations and foster true collaboration creating an environment of success. The list sets to challenge the idea that profit and productivity is the measure of success and kindness is seen as a ‘nice-to-have’ quality, when in actual fact it is a tool to help aid delivery of what an organisation needs and long term objectives.

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