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Civil Engineering Market Report and Forecast

The RICS Infrastructure Information Service (IIS) includes the BCIS forecasts for the Infrastructure sector.

The forecast is for five years and covers:

  • Construction demand – Output from the construction industry on infrastructure projects
  • Input costs represented by factory gate prices and nationally agreed wage awards and labour on-costs
  • Tender prices representing the movement in prices in tenders for the construction work in the infrastructure sector.

The Civil Engineering market report reviews current trends and future projections in:

The macro-economic outlook including

  • Inflation
  • Growth
  • Interest rates

Civil engineering costs

  • Labour
  • Materials
  • Plant

Market conditions

  • Output and new orders
  • Activity surveys
  • Demand by subsector: roads; electricity; water and sewerage; etc

Civil engineering tender prices.

In addition to the market report IIS includes forecasts of the following individual index series:

  • Retail Prices
  • General Civil Engineering Cost Index
  • Roads sector cost index
  • Water and sewerage sector cost index
  • Rail sector cost index
  • Infrastructure Tender Price Index.

In addition to the forecast the Infrastructure Information Service includes:

  • Price and cost index series for the Infrastructure sector and sub-sectors
  • Analysis of benchmarking studies by sector
  • Cost analyses for infrastructure related buildings
  • Average prices for infrastructure related buildings.

Initially much of the data will have a UK focus but the benchmark studies include international studies and national studies from around the world.


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