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Surveying technology

The future is digital. The built and natural environment sector is no exception.

Five years ago, hardly anyone was talking about proptech and its potential to transform real estate. Yet in the last two years alone, investors have poured over 20 billion USD into proptech start-ups.

Soon, digital technology will be the determining factor of success within the built and natural environment.

From construction to valuation, there are signs everywhere that the industry is evolving and embracing new technology. Data is ubiquitous; its use is now a business priority. Firms, professionals and clients are on the search for technologies that can unlock the most value from this explosion of information.

Our challenge lies in providing assurance to our clients that we are trusted to use and manage these new technologies. Today's emerging technologies are a glimpse into the future of how we will create better places for people. Yet we must be ready to embrace technological change today.

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Latest insights

Data is the fabric of the modern world: just like we walk down pavements, so we trace routes through data, and build knowledge and products out of it.

Dr Ben Goldacre OBE
Chair of the NHS HealthTech Advisory Board

There are projected to be 200 billion smart devices connected to the Internet of Things by 2020, up from two billion in 2006.

IDC, Intel, United Nations

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