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15 NOV. 2018

The state of BIM in Europe

A European Council of Construction Economists (CEEC) conference organised by the Col legi D’Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tecnics I Enginyers D’Edificació de Barcelona (CAATEEB) in October 2018 provided a snapshot of the current state of Building Information Management (BIM).

While the use of BIM is growing in most countries — many projects had some level of BIM — its use and usefulness for measurement for cost planning and procurement was limited.

The main conclusions from the presentations and discussions were:

Project BIM, commissioned by client

  • Issues of ownership of the model
  • Issues of responsibility for the model

Use of BIM for measurement for cost planning and Bills of Quantities

  • Quantities output from the models are not reliable
  • Quantities for cost planning and BQs require manual intervention

Use of BIM by contractor/developers

  • The most intense use of BIM was by contractor/developers and a client developing their own estate who had control of the BIM throughout the project life.

Use of BIM by contractors

  • Contractors develop BIM for quantification and estimating even where a client’s BIM has been developed
  • Contractors develop BIM for planning and scheduling and clash detection, this produces efficiencies on site.

Use of BIM for facilities management

  • Although everyone agreed that the benefits of BIM should influence the life cycle costs, with the exception of the client developing their own estate, there was very little evidence that BIM would be inherited by facilities management.

A year ago, none of my projects had BIM, now 90% of them do.

Veronika Batkova, Czech Republic

Contributors to the conference included:

  • Castiel Consultants
  • Area Patrimonial Espai Barca
  • Institut de Tecnologia de la Construcció de Catalunya (ITeC)
  • Tecnics G3 S.L.P
  • TR Corporacion Inmobiliaria
  • Enginyeria I Project Management (EiPM)
  • Grupo LOBE
  • Basilica de la Sagrada Familia
  • Col legi D’Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tecnics I Enginyers D’Edificació de Barcelona (CAATEEB)
The conference was attended by CEEC members from across the globe including; Canada, Germany, Ireland, Spain and the UK.