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Conference papers

28 AVR. 2018

Business continuity of international construction for top contractors

International construction projects are important for contractors. Especially large contractors have expanded their businesses into global markets to seek new opportunities. Based on characteristics of projects, business continuity is essential for contractors’ long-term development strategy. This study builds a new method to measure the business continuity of international construction in order to analyse the continuity level of different contractors in different regional markets.

The research uses data from Engineering News-Record (ENR) Top 225 reports from 1992-2012. The host countries of contractors are grouped into North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific due to the fact that the most contractors were from these four regions, while the global markets are divided into the North American market, the Latin American market, the Caribbean market, the European market, the Middle East market, the Asia-Pacific market, the Northern African market and the central and southern African market.

The MANOVA model results shows that the continuity of contractors from different regions are significantly different. The findings of this paper could help international contractors to identify the continuity level of each markets and make suitable strategies and contribute to the body knowledge of contractor business continuity.

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