APC people

APC counsellors

All APC candidates pursuing professional membership of RICS must appoint a counsellor, who is a chartered surveyor, to support them, to guide them and to sign them off as competent to sit their final assessment interview.

The counsellor will support either candidates who have an accredited degree and up to 10 years’ experience – these candidates need to complete a period of structured training – or candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of five years’ experience – these candidates need to submit for preliminary review and successfully complete the Online Ethics module.

APC mentor scheme

The APC mentor scheme is a voluntary scheme run by RICS. The main function of the scheme is to provide support for APC candidates. This includes assisting candidates in their preparation for assessment. They may also be able to provide help to referred candidates with preparation for their next assessment. Their role is to:

  • Advise candidates on training, experience and templates, including case study* and assessment
  • Brief and update the regional training advisor, particularly drawing attention to difficulties and concerns
  • Encourage candidates to read the APC guides so that they are familiar with the requirements and administration of the APC

*Please note this does not include ‘checking’ submissions prior to them being submitted for assessment.  Any advice given should be subject to approval by the candidate’s counsellor who has ultimate responsibility for APC training.

Becoming an APC mentor

We are always looking for professionals to mentor and advise APC candidates. If you are interested in becoming an APC mentor, please download and complete the application form.

APC assessor

All APC assessors are trained to interview candidates undertaking their APC final assessment. As an APC assessor you form part of the panel that decides whether a candidate has the knowledge and skills needed to become a chartered surveyor. In this section you will find the latest information and documents to aid you in your role as an APC assessor. 

APC assessors

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