Associate candidate support

All the support information and guidance for candidates who are on the associate assessment.

Associate assessment

The Associate assessment consists of a written submission and an online ethics test.

Once you have completed the relevant experience and are eligible to submit for assessment, you must apply.

The Associate Assessment Guide, which can be downloaded below, explains the process to follow from application through to submitting for assessment and receiving your result.

Associate Appeals

Candidates who are referred have the right to appeal. You cannot appeal simply because you disagree with the assessors’ decision about your competence.

The appeal panel does not question the merits of the assessors’ decision.It looks at the way the assessment was conducted, and will allow the appeal only if, on the balance of probabilities, there was fault in the process.It does not reach any conclusion about the candidate’s competence to practise: it considers only administrative or procedural matters. The appeal form can be found on the right-hand side of this page.

Associate assessor

As an assessor, you are responsible for ensuring that only those with a demonstrated level of competence can achieve the Associate qualification.

The guide explains:

  • What candidates must do to get to the point of assessment
  • How you should approach your task
  • What criteria you should apply
  • What processes you need to follow

Associate assessor guide

Become an Associate assessor. By working as an Associate assessor, you can:

  • Help to maintain the high professional standards expected of surveyors
  • Put something back into the surveying profession
  • Help raise the profile of RICS and its members around the world

To register your interest or for further information about becoming an Associate assessor please email

Please note: in the UK, you are only able to assess one type of assessment, you can either become an assessor for the Associate assessment, APC assessment or Senior professional assessment. 

Associate Counsellors

All Associate assessment candidates pursuing AssocRICS membership of RICS must appoint a counsellor, to support them.  The counsellor, who is an RICS member, will guide the candidate throughout their journey and sign them off as competent before submitting for assessment.

Associate Counsellor guide



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