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Clive Thurston

President with Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA)

Clive has extensive experience in the construction industry, having worked as a Superintendent, Estimator, Project Manager and former owner/operator of a small Toronto-based construction company for twelve years. He held the position of By-Law/Building Official with the City of Brampton and was the Chief Building Official for Prince Edward County prior to accepting the position of President of the Ontario General Contractors Association. His duties include promoting the industry, facilitating disputes between project partners, promoting education, providing advice on contracts and the supplementary conditions attached to them. Clive has served on the Editorial Board of the Daily Commercial News and continues to serve on the Building Advisory Committee at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Through the OGCA, Clive represents the industry at the Construction and Design Alliance of Ontario (CDAO), a group of related construction industries focused on the renewal of infrastructure and the impact of Gov rnment regulations. In 2008, Clive founded the WSIB Construction Industry Task Force to work on the reformation of the WSIB and Accident Prevention system in Ontario. He is particularly proud of the Strategic Opportunities Committee created by the Construction and Design Associations to work with the Ontario Realty Corporation (Infrastructure Realty). A strong believer in consultation rather than confrontation, Clive promotes policies that are beneficial to all stakeholders within the construction industry.