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Corporate Real Estate

Corporate Real Estate

The work of Chartered Surveyors in the area of Corporate Real Estate (CRE) involves ensuring that the property requirements of an organisation are met as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Professionals working in CRE may either be working with clients on a consultancy basis, or directly employed by a single organisation. CRE surveyors could be engaged by any private company or public sector body who occupy property, meaning that their work could involve any type of property at all, but will largely focus on office, industrial and retail space.

CRE professionals will play a role in the whole life cycle of an organisation’s property portfolio, with their responsibilities including the analysis and strategic planning of property requirements, and managing property in a way that ensures it is occupied to its maximum benefit. They therefore have the potential to make a huge impact on the operation of a business and the experience of its employees.

The CRE pathway is a focused route to Chartered status, suitable for any professionals engaged in a CRE related role. The skills that will need to be developed and demonstrated in order for successful completion of the pathway will include a mix of more traditional, technical competencies and those related to the analysis of the business needs of an organisation. Knowledge of the following areas will be vital in order for a candidate to progress on this pathway:

  • Business Case: Candidates will need to be able to demonstrate experience of compiling business cases, explaining the considerations behind property decisions.
  • Strategic Real Estate Consultancy/Business Alignment: To achieve the required level in this area, candidates will need to be able to show experience of providing advice regarding property decisions based on an analysis of the organisation involved.
  • Landlord and Tenant: It will be important that candidates can demonstrate a thorough understanding of the legal relationship between the landlord and the tenant, and show some experience of putting this knowledge into practice.
  • Valuation: Understanding how property is valued will underpin many of the other competencies in this pathway, although direct experience of conducting valuations will not necessarily be required.
  • Measurement: Knowledge of the bases and methods of measurements will be required to assist professionals in this area undertake their role.

In recognition of the differing roles that professionals active in the field of CRE may occupy, there are a wide range of optional competencies available to complement the core skills described above. Candidates and their supervisors and counsellors should carefully consider the nature of the experience the candidate will receive during their training period before selecting these competencies.

Download the chartered (MRICS) materials

The pathway guide should be used in conjunction with the core assessment documentation available below.