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Sustainable building

What can the surveying profession do to manage resources more carefully and to protect our natural environment for future generations?

By 2030, the world will require 40% more water, 50% more food, 40% more energy and 40% more timber and fibre. The only way we can meet these demands is by managing our ecosystems smartly and sustainably.

UN Environment Programme

You can take something that’s considered infrastructure – highways, bridges, power plants – and cross-breed it so that it actually has positive social and environmental side effects.

Bjarke Ingels
Celebrated Danish architect

Buildings account for 60% of global electricity use and produce more than one-third of all greenhouse emissions.

Curt Garrigan
Co-ordinator, Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative, United Nations Environment Programme

Hills countryside
Managing our natural resources and the environment is critical to a sustainable future

We need to shift from a mining ideology to a kind of cultivating ideology – cultivating in the sense that we are moving towards the idea of growing our own construction materials.

Dirk Hebel
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology