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Our approach

Our approach to valuer registration

Valuer Registration is an independent system of regulatory monitoring, which includes a register of valuers. We begin monitoring as soon as members sign up.

An automatic risk score is established for the individual member and firm. Should any risks come to light, we will make an initial assessment. Further investigation will follow, including checking information against Red Book requirements and the processes and audit trails that firms have in place.

We also provide advice and guidance as a core part of the process and free continuing professional development to help all its members to comply with their professional and statutory duties. Its aim has always been to ensure that the international valuation standards that underpin so much economic activity are being maintained and correctly applied.

RICS Registered Valuer logo

RICS Valuer Registration is the international mark of valuation expertise. It is open to all qualified members undertaking valuations under the RICS Valuation Professional Standards (the 'Red Book').

All members who have registered and been accepted as meeting the standards set out for Valuer Registration are entitled to call themselves an RICS Registered Valuer and use the accreditation logo.

The designation RICS Registered Valuer and logo are only for use by individual registered valuers and must be in compliance with the Valuer Registration Accreditation Guidelines (download the guidelines below). If an individual deregisters or is deregistered from being a registered valuer, he or she must cease using the logo and designation.

RICS Valuer Registration accredits individuals and not firms. Therefore firms are not entitled to use the designation RICS Registered Valuer or any logo attached to the designation.

What is valuer registration?

Graham Stockey, of RICS Regulation, talks about the importance of property valuation and what to expect during a regulatory visit.

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