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RICS Europe Digest

As the world changes, so must we

Learn more about where the future might lead for RICS in Europe and our sector in general. Explore with our Europe Digest 2019.

Through our credential and our professional standards we will create confidence in markets and be known for effecting positive change in the built and natural environments.

2018: a year to remember

World Built Environment Forum and Summit

Our ground-breaking work on the World Built Environment Forum and Summit has served to highlight the active contribution RICS professionals continue to make to our environment, economy and society, and how through their skills, knowledge and talent, they are raising the bar on what is possible.

Cities for our Future

Our Cities for our Future challenge invited imaginative problem solvers to submit transformative ideas for projects and policies that solve some of the defining challenges of our time: rapid urbanisation, climate change and resource scarcity. What better way to inspire the next generation than through those who are building the future right now?

RICS' 150th anniversary

Our 150 celebrations have been a fantastic opportunity to recognise the people who have made and continue to make RICS a driving force for our sector. The response to the numerous 150 anniversary events and activities held in Europe and globally has reinforced that RICS is more than a collection of people looking for competitive advantage: we share a set of values that underpin what it means to be a professional.

This Digest gives an insight into our thoughts on the future, but this is just the start of our journey. We will continue to engage with you and rethink how we work to ensure we are all equipped to address the risks and opportunities within the built and natural environments.

Judith Gabler
RICS Interim Managing Director, Europe

Judith Gabler
Judith Gabler

2019: looking to the future

Whatever developments are on the horizon in terms of work, technologies and skills, the real value proposition that our professionals represent is trust. Building trust by reinforcing the personal responsibility that each one of our professionals must uphold the highest standards of ethical behaviour continues to be a key focus area for RICS.

Our programme of standards development and thought leadership on topics such as conflicts of interest and anti-money laundering, bribery and corruption encourages RICS professionals to use their powerful influence to further build trust across the industry.

Through this Digest, downloadable on this page, we hope to give an insight into our thoughts on the future and where it might lead for RICS in Europe and our sector in general. However, this is only the start of our journey, and we will continue to engage with you and rethink how we work to ensure that we are all equipped to address the risks and opportunities within the built and natural environments.

Exploring the numbers...

Numbers Europe Digest 2019
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Making an impact - how we split our resource

RICS is a profit for purpose organisation that seeks to maximise investment in our long-term vision. We continue to invest in thought leadership, standards and their enforcement, training and education, and in our digital offering.

Regional and local service provision

RICS professionals in Europe are supported by multilingual staff in 11 countries. Together with local advisory boards, they provide advice and assistance to RICS professionals in each market, along with market-tailored conferences, training and networking events.

Creating and enforcing professional standards

The creation and enforcement of global standards in construction, ethics, land, measurement and valuation are at the core of RICS' mission. They create greater consistency and transparency in an increasingly connected global economy.

Gaining influence and building brand profile

RICS delivers international best practice that is recognised around the world, ensuring greater financial stability, reduced risk and increased customer trust. RICS offers the possibility of connecting with global peers, both face-to-face and online.

Technology development and operations

RICS fully embraces innovation in technology and data and are continuing to review and upgrade our entire operational model to ensure it meets the needs of today and the future. We have investment plans for a complete overhaul of our digital infrastructure and technology environment and will install new digital technology to deliver our services.

Legal and governance

RICS top-level strategy is set by our Governing Council, chaired by the president. The council meets twice a year and is supported by world regional boards, national councils, UK regional boards, professional group boards, and policy committees. In 2018, RICS Governing Council proposed several changes to governance of RICS to make it more agile and responsive in its decision making, to ensure that specific skills and sectors are represented, and that our profession remains trusted by society to set and enforce its own standards.