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Governing Council Elections

Governing Council Elections

Lead the future of our profession.

RICS has celebrated 150 years of leading in the built and natural environment, and now we're looking to the future.

Our world is rapidly changing around us. Population growth, urbanisation, climate change, and the digital revolution are profoundly impacting our profession. That's why we need you to help guide RICS and the profession through this exciting period by standing for our Governing Council.

With recent changes to modernise our governance structure, we're looking for RICS-qualified professionals to fill the new 15 market seats. As a global organisation, RICS needs these seats to ensure we have a diverse range of voices setting the strategic direction in a number of our priority markets.

If you, or a someone you know, have the skills and commitment needed to help lead our profession, please nominate yourself or put someone forward.

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Why nominate?

Hear from current members of our Presidential team as they share the benefits of being a member of RICS' Governing Council, and the role you can play in keeping our profession at the heart of the built and natural environment.

The period for nomination has been extended until 23:59 UK Time on 26 August 2019

Our changing world needs RICS' commitment to standards, trust, and technical excellence. This is your chance to keep our profession at the heart of the built and natural environment.

Hear from current Governing Council members

In a time of global disruptive change, the social, economic and political challenges that we face, have affected and will continue to affect all of us via our built and natural environment. The challenges we face may differ from region to region and it for this reason that a diverse, inclusive and energized Governing Council is essential for the RICS, so as to appreciate and understand these differences; needs so as to fulfil its global role as the leading representative voice of a global body of professionals setting the standards and direction in order to help meet the challenges of today and the future of the built and natural environment.

Ramsey Tadros
Current member, RICS Governing Council

It is an opportune time for our members to step forward, offer their leadership and diverse perspective to set crucial strategy that establishes our institution and its members as a future ready and leading global profession for the built and natural environment.

Benjamin Towell
Current member, RICS Governing Council