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A trusted 21st century profession

A trusted 21st century profession

To ensure the profession is equipped for the future, your elected Governing Council is proposing changes to the RICS bye-laws – our governance.

Your elected Governing Council has been considering in depth how we can modernise our governance – including the role and make-up of the Council itself – to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world in which the profession operates.

Our two-stage approach:

First vote on a limited set of issues (26 October – 27 November)

We asked the profession to vote for a modernised, future-facing governance fit for a 21st century professional body. Voter turnout was 11%, with 86% voting in favour.

Therefore, the proposals to change have been approved and this matter will now be referred to the Privy Council for formal approval. This is a positive step forward for the organisation as it allows RICS to be appropriately structured to continue building a global professional body ready to equip the profession for the challenges and opportunities ahead. This will enable RICS to meet the changing expectations of stakeholders, clients and the wider public.

Governing Council will now move forward to advance plans for the second phase of governance reforms and will ensure that the profession is kept informed as the plans advance. These reforms will require a further vote by the profession at some stage in 2019. More detail to follow.

Second vote on detailed Bye-Law review (late 2019)

If members of the profession vote in favour of the first set of changes, Council then wishes to bring forward a wider package of reforms to underpin the high-level structure agreed in the first vote.

This would be drawn up in 2019, and approval sought from the profession via a vote towards the end of 2019.

This second vote would build logically on the first vote related to the high-level governance structure and enable us to streamline and modernise our constitution which has not been updated for a number of years.