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All AR - principal criminal proceedings

Has the firm or any principal(s) or professional(s) of the firm ever been convicted of a criminal offence of which the RICS has not already been notified?

RICS needs to be informed of criminal convictions or charges. This applies to the firm, its principals, and professional employees such as accountants and auditors.

We do not need to know about some minor offences such as road traffic offences but please contact us if you are unsure. In the UK, for information about spent convictions (which you do not have to report to RICS), you should refer to Section 4(2) of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Please note that information concerning the above will not necessarily lead to action from RICS - if in doubt please contact RICS Regulation.

We require this information in line with the Professional and Ethical Standards.

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