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Conference papers

29 ABR 2018

Prefabricated bathroom: advantages & implementation in Malaysia

This research explores the advantages of utilising prefabricated bathrooms in building construction in Malaysia.

Prefabrication is determined as first degree of industrialisation. Parts of building are completely or partially fabricated and assembled on-site under this process. Prefabricated bathroom is the most labour-intensive elements in a building although it is just the smallest room in a dwelling unit. Bathroom is also a place which often occur water tightness problem due to high wet usage of bathroom among Asians because of cultural and behaviour aspect.

Therefore, advantages of prefabricated bathroom will be explored in this research which will significantly beneficial to three parties. Besides, challenges and reasons affecting the adoption prefabricated bathroom will be identified due to unsatisfactory acceptance by the industry.

Descriptive research method was conducted with the developers, Grade 7 contractors and end users who also known as home buyers in Klang Valley while anonymity will maintain in the whole process for unbiased feedback. To accomplish the objectives of the study, primary data was obtained through questionnaire surveys while secondary data was obtained through literature review to support the primary data.

The findings include the agreement of benefits of prefabricated bathroom in relation to time, cost, design and quality as well as the barriers to uptake prefabricated bathroom as an essential element in construction project. As a result, the current usage of prefabricated bathroom in Malaysia is still considered low compared to other countries. This is mainly due to the challenges revealed in this research, where most of the industry players are not willing to take risk and go through the learning process to adopt prefabricated bathroom.