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Professional statements

Under our bye-laws and regulations, our members must comply with RICS professional statements, in the interest of maintaining the highest professional standards.

All practitioners must inform themselves of new and updated professional statements in order to remain professionally competent. When an allegation of professional negligence is made against a surveyor, the court is likely to take into account any relevant professional statements published by RICS in deciding whether or not the surveyor acted with reasonable competence.

RICS members can freely download PDF versions of our professional statements. Some copies of RICS professional guidance publications are available as hard copies and can be bought from the RICS Shop.

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  • Commercial property

    Conflictos de interés, 1ª edición

    Las Reglas de Conducta de RICS obligan a los miembros y a las empresas reguladas por RICS, en todo momento y sin excepción, a: «...actuar con integridad y evitar conflictos de interés y acciones o situaciones que sean incompatibles con sus obligaciones profesionales.» Identificar y manejar de manera efectiva los conflictos de interés es un elemento complejo pero esencial de la actividad profesional.

  • Dispute resolution

    Conflicts of interest, global, 1st edition

    From 1 January 2018, all RICS professionals and regulated firms will be required to follow the global professional statement on Conflicts of interest, 1st edition.

  • Facilities management

    Procurement of facility management

    This professional statement and guidance note discusses facility management procurement routes and processes open to organisations. It provides information and guidance on the various factors that need to be considered throughout a procurement process. This includes activities and key decisions during planning, procurement and post-procurement.

  • Commercial property

    Real estate agency and brokerage 3rd edition

    This professional statement applies to all RICS members involved with the sale, letting, leasing and management of real estate, whatever the form of tenure by which it is held or occupied.

  • Estate agency

    Real estate management, 3rd edition

    This professional statement applies to the management of both commercial and residential real estate.

  • Commercial property

    RICS Property Measurement, 2nd edition

    RICS property measurement, 2nd edition has an effective date of the 1 May 2018.

  • Sustainability

    Whole life carbon assessment for the built environment, 1st edition

    This guidance mandates a whole life approach to reducing carbon emissions within the built environment. It sets out specific mandatory principles and supporting guidance for the interpretation and implementation of EN 15978 methodology.