Мировой профессиональный статус в области недвижимости, строительства и землепользования

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Latest news

  • Capital value expectations remain most elevated in Europe

    RICS Global Commercial Property Monitor, a leading indicator of conditions in commercial property occupier and investor markets around the world, signals robust momentum behind the investment market in Europe during the third quarter of 2017, with German cities leading the way.

  • Create and enable change in the built environment

    With ultra-fast broadband being listed as almost as important to home buyers as water and electricity, it should be of no surprise that digital connectivity is creating and enabling change in the built environment. We explored the challenges and opportunities posed by the increasing pressure to create a fully digitally connected economy at our recent Telecoms Conference.

  • Conflicts of interest: beyond the word of law

    In January, a new professional statement on conflicts of interest will become mandatory for all RICS professionals globally. This initiative falls in the scope of a project aimed at improving the transparency of the property market by enhancing the professionalism of those working in the sector.