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Howden cyber liability insurance

Howden our preferred cyber liability insurance broker

Using over 20 year’s knowledge of the surveying profession, Howden has developed a bespoke cyber liability insurance product for RICS regulated firms.

Our member offer

Premiums start at just £450 and we offer discounted insurance rates for RICS regulated firms. Our policy is underwritten by CFC, one of the world’s leading Cyber Insurers and winners of multiple awards including Cyber Risk Insurance Provider of the Year at the 2016 Commercial Insurance Awards.

Don’t think it won’t happen to you

Cyber crime is an increasingly widespread issue. Surveying firms are not immune from the threat. In a recent study, it was reported that 69% of all companies in the UK had suffered a security incident in the last year.

Doesn’t my Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) policy cover it?

There is a common misconception that, owing to the breadth of the RICS minimum PII terms, the PII policy will respond to all potential claims, whether first party or third party. However, when the approach to PII for surveyors was first formulated the world was a very different place and losses arising in relation to data and/or IT were not considered a sufficient threat to warrant specific coverage.

You should continue to look to your PII policy for indemnification from breaches of professional or fiduciary duty but a cyber policy is a very useful addition to your insurance portfolio. It provides you with immediate access to the specialist expertise you will need to minimise the impact of a data breach and provided additional cover for first party losses.

The Howden product

  • Cover that is aligned with the RICS minimum PII terms to ensure coverage for a broad range of third and first party losses, arising from cyber exposures.
  • Immediate access to specialist providers to help mitigate the loss of a cyber event.
  • First party cover for losses arising as a result of a social engineering attack.
  • Comprehensive crime cover for a wide range of electronic perils.
  • Comprehensive cover for data restoration and rectification no matter how it was caused and up to the full policy limit.
  • Cover for the costs associated with providing a breach notice even if it is not legally required.
  • Cover for loss of profits associated with a systems outage that is caused by a “non physical” peril like a computer virus or denial of service attack.
  • Assistance with paying for the cost of engaging a PR firm to help manage reputational damage and cover for the financial loss arising from loss of customers.
  • Assistance with covering the costs associated with a data breach if a portable device is lost, stolen or affected by a virus.
  • Provides cover for claims arising from leaked information, defamatory statements or copyright infringement.
  • Access to the CFC Cyber Risk Management Portal, an end-to-end risk management solution providing upfront advice and support to help avoid a loss, as well as access to a post-incident response center, should the worst happen: find out more about the portal.
  • Notify claims at the click of a button via the CFC Cyber Incident Response App and receive specialist support from CFC’s Global Cyber Incident Response Team within minutes.
  • First party cover on an “each and every claim” basis, ensuring that policyholders aren’t restricted by a policy aggregate and that the full benefits of cover are available each time a crisis strikes, even if they experience multiple cyber incidents in the same policy period.
  • Full retroactive cover as standard meaning that policyholders are covered for breaches they discover during the policy period, even if it first occurred long before.


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