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22 MAY 2018

10 minutes with Hong Kong's Young Surveyor of the Year 2018

Associate Director, Project Management at CBRE Hong Kong, Ryan Wong MRICS was awarded Young Surveyor of the Year at the RICS Awards Hong Kong 2018. He was commended for "diversifying his team's portfolio and strengthening client relations," but what else helped him achieve this accolade? Ryan tells us in his own words.

The beginning

It was my dream to be part of the property industry from an early age. It is a tangible and lasting industry that creates places where people come together to work, live and share life. Being a surveyor makes me part of the team that brings life to buildings.

I love bringing my family and friends to buildings, showcasing features and telling the stories behind them. That is what motivated me to pursue surveying.

My career choices were shaped by several prominent leaders. There are so many, but if I had to name just one it would be Mr Daniel Lam FRICS, chartered surveyor and incumbent Managing Director of the Urban Renewal Authority, Hong Kong. I met him early in my career and he opened my eyes to what one can achieve in surveying. He is the one that showed me what makes the profession unique and useful to society.

The present

I am part of the Project Management Team at CBRE Hong Kong, which includes over 100 other professionals. My job requires a lot of interaction with stakeholders  architects, interior designers, engineers, quantity surveyors, and various consultants  which can be challenging at times, but it has really helped me learn how to deal with people and achieve the best outcomes for clients.

I enjoy being a trouble-shooter and helping clients get to the root of their problems. They rely on us to be their advisors, so we must be professional and experienced at all times to fix their issues fast. It's more about being a "manager of expectations" than anything else. This is the most complicated part of my job, but also the most enjoyable.

The reward

We all have our own unique strengths; I am fortunate to be in a role that takes advantage of mine. Throughout my almost-10-year career, I have dedicated my time and energy to building my personal network and reputation. Being awarded 'Young Surveyor of the Year' is a huge milestone.

It will be a decade next year since I joined the industry and this has reminded me why I love surveying and what it means to inspire the next generation.

It is also an achievement for CBRE to take home three trophies and four Certificates of Excellence this year. These accolades help us attract young talent and act as excellent testimonials to our services.

The future

Technology is the future and surveyors need to either catch up with it or be left behind. Technology will disrupt everything for the better as it will speed up many work streams, from creating 3D floorplans and fit-outs, to uncovering inefficiencies in property portfolios. We should all keep up with the latest technology and utilise it to our advantage.

In the long run, however, what holds true is that professional judgement can never be replaced by technology. Surveyors are trained to make the right call on how and what makes good buildings. Sharp-eyed surveyors are in demand in every city as they are key members to creating our landscape.