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Appeal Panel Hearings

16 APR 2019

Ms C Guniz – 11 April 2019

Ms C Guniz [1174263]
Appeal Panel Hearing – 11 April 2019

At a Disciplinary Panel Hearing on 12 September 2018, the Panel heard the case against Ms C Guniz for a failure to comply with Rule 6 of the Rules of Conduct for Members 2007, in that she did not comply with RICS' CPD requirements for the year 2017. The Panel had imposed a Reprimand and the following condition:

"As condition of your continuing membership, you are directed to comply with the CPD requirements for 2018 by completing your CPD hours for the year 2018 by 31 December 2018 and recording your CPD hours online by 31 January 2019.

Failure to comply with this condition will result in automatic expulsion from membership, without further reference to a Disciplinary Panel".

Ms Guniz failed to comply with the condition imposed by the Disciplinary Panel and was therefore automatically expelled on 13/03/2019.

Ms Guniz appealed the Disciplinary decision which was heard by an Appeal Panel on 11 April 2019. The Appeal Panel allowed Ms Guniz's appeal and reinstated her membership subject to conditions. The Panel also made order to costs in favour of RICS.

On 31 May 2019 the Panel Chairman has recognised that the payment of costs has been paid late contrary to the Appeal Panel Condition which reads:

d) As a condition of continuing membership Ms Celen is directed to pay the Disciplinary Panel costs of £400.00 (or equivalent in Euros) and the Appeal Hearing costs of £3,850 (or equivalent in Euros) within 6 weeks (from the date of receipt of this written determination).

e) In the event that Ms Celen fails to comply with Conditions a), b), c) or d), she shall be automatically expelled from RICS membership without further reference to a Disciplinary Panel.

The Panel Chairman has agreed to vary the condition on this occasion and has varied the condition to allow the payment to be paid by Wednesday 29 May 2019.