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SKA Rating Product Compliance Label

A large proportion of SKA rating Good Practice Measures encourage the specification of products and materials with good environmental performance.

The SKA rating Product Compliance Label helps SKA rating Accredited Assessors, specifiers and manufacturers by providing a simple way of identifying products that meet individual SKA rating criteria.

The label formalises the compliance checks that every SKA rating Accredited Assessor must currently perform against the SKA rating criteria. It also provides an alternative way of meeting the rationale behind a Good Practice Measure in ways that are equal with the current criteria but not listed. The label also provides:

  • Recognition of third party compliant work, such as an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) or benchmarked label other than the ones listed in the criteria (not excluding them).
  • Recognition of the recycled/recyclable content, Energy and Water Technology Lists criteria compliance or other single characteristic claimed by the supplier that is equal, meets or exceeds the SKA Rating criteria.
  • The label does not represent its own EPD, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) or other standard. It does not prohibit teams in finding other compliant products and materials through their own sources, research or checks.

Take a look at products found to be compliant with SKA rating Good Practice Measures

Benefits for SKA rating users

Assessors Specifiers Suppliers
Efficient evidence review Streamline product selection Competitive advantage
Confidence and reassurance Reduce design research time Identify areas for improvement

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