Our annual review for the 2015-16 year provides a flavour of the achievements and activities our staff and professional members have accomplished in a very challenging political and economic environment.


Headlines of the year:

  • 819 qualified professional members joined across Europe, 882 candidates enrolled into the profession
  • We accredited seven new courses, bringing the total of RICS accredited courses to 64
  •  6,482 young professionals in 56 countries registered as RICS students
  • 773 Registered Valuers registered to date and the mandatory certification has been adopted by Belgium and Luxembourg, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain
  • We are working increasingly with major organisations and firms to develop international standards in valuation, property and land measurement, construction and ethics
  • We engaged with the leading stakeholders at European level, including the European Commission, INREV, ESMA and the European Central Bank, on several important projects and developments
  • We have seen clear opportunities for developing our Alternative Dispute Resolution services in Europe
  • We continue to be a prominent source of information for the media, with 97 substantial articles in major national newspapers and 50 exclusive interviews.

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