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Dilapidations Conference, Scotland

Our specialist advisors will show the changes to dilapidations guidance and legal changes that are impacting on your area of work.

The latest legal and technical guidance

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Thu 30 May 2019
08:45 AM - 05:00 PM
The Studio, 67 Hope St, Glasgow, G2 6AE
6 hours formal CPD
£144 + VAT


The RICS Dilapidations Conference returns to Scotland to provide a comprehensive update and expert guidance on the current and future issues recognised to directly impact commercial landlords and tenants, building surveyors, and valuers. Delivered by leading speakers at the forefront of dilapidations issues, the programme addresses all crucial areas and offers practical guidance to better your day-to-day practice.

Keeping abreast of such changes to topics including case law and planning updates can only improve your knowledge when operating in the near future. The event will provide a roundup of such cases and analyse the impact they will have on your day-to-day practice.  The programme will also provide an update on technical issues such as, building services, leases and supersession.

Bringing together the combined expertise of surveyors, valuers and legal professionals, attending this full day event will ensure you remain at the forefront of this practice area and are working to the highest professional standards.

Session highlights

  • Case law update
    Hear a legal update and recent case law review to bring you up to speed with the key guidance in the dilapidations world. Prioritise staying up-to-date with the latest legal and technical guidance to stay ahead.
  • Keynote session
    Our keynote session will cover what’s on the horizon for dilapidations, including; law reform, protocols, ADR and diminution in value. Don’t miss our expert speaker give their thoughts on what’s next.
  • Repair
    Learn what every surveyor should know when it comes to prioritising repair standards, extraordinary repairs and landlord warranties. This expert-led session will also cover how to interpret those commonly-used words such as ‘maintain’, ‘condition’ and  ‘tenantable’. A session not to be missed.
  • Accession
    Explore the world of rights and obligations when it comes to accession. This expert-led session covers moveable items and fixtures and what needs to be considered at the end of term.
  • Cross-examination
    Benefit from witnessing a mock cross-examination which will evidence the implications of such cases. The session offers a role-playing format which will help you identify improvements and avoid pitfalls within your own service or delivery.
  • Legal necessities
    Attend this session to uncover the legal necessities all surveyors should be up to speed with. This session covers everything from tenders, settlements, conflicts of interests and ADR. Our expert speaker will deliver leading content with Q&A opportunities.
  • Dilapidations and the APC
    Understand what experience and knowledge the RICS require when dealing with APC’s. Hear an inside view on what supervisors and councillors need to know, alongside much more.
  • Listed buildings and costings
    Effectively dealing with listed buildings can be difficult. Delivered by Gillian Murray, Building Surveyor, The National Trust for Scotland, this session explores the detail you need to consider when dealing with costings, including pricing schedules, fees and tenders.


To present the sessions, we have invited industry leading speakers including:

  • Jon Rowling, Technical Partner, Tuffin Ferraby Taylor
  • Euan McSherry, Partner, Aberdein Considine
  • David Holland QC, Landmark Chambers
  • Alan McMillan, Partner and Head of Property Litigation, Burness Paull
  • Greig Adams, Director, Adams Building Consultancy
  • Gillian Craig, Partner, Macroberts
  • Allan M Robertson, Director, Allan Robertson Consulting
  • Ewen Brown, Advocate, Terra Firma Chambers
  • Gillian Murray, Building Surveyor, The National Trust for Scotland

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  • RICS professionals £144 + VAT
  • Non-RICS professionals £194.4 + VAT
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