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Online Training

Compulsory Purchase of Farmland and Other Rural Assets

Extend your remit to become competent in the management of compulsory purchase and compensation for rural assets

Course Duration:
3 hours
3 hours CPD

Web class recording

£60 + VAT


Infrastructure is becoming ever more present as population and technology increases. With the effect on rural assets such as farmland this can be a controversial topic. Gain the necessary knowledge and practice to negotiate, and ensure that your client receives the best value for their land and business.

Our expert trainer will walk you through the complex processes involved with compulsory purchase and compensation, identifying key stakeholders and legislation required along the way. Discuss how the claims process differs for landowners, owner-occupiers and tenants, and where your role and that of the Lands Chambers meet. Using case studies to demonstrate best practice followed by the chance to pose individual queries to an expert in the rural field, this class offers huge benefits for those new to compulsory purchase and those looking for a quick refresh.

Learning outcomes

  • Advise on preliminary matters of procedure in compulsory purchase and the importance of early discussions
  • Negotiate the provision of accommodation works
  • Prepare and negotiate claims for compensation by landowners and owner-occupiers
  • Identify the disputes mechanisms available in compulsory purchase
  • Assess the entitlement of agricultural tenants to compensation arising from compulsory purchase
  • Prepare and negotiate claims for compensation by tenant farmers

Who should take this course

  • Valuers
  • Estate Managers
  • Rural and agricultural valuers



A basic understanding of the compulsory purchase code in England and Wales and an appreciation of farming economics is valuable.

Delegates who want to read up on this should consult the DCLG (Department of Communities and Local Government) series of 5 booklets on compulsory purchase (obtainable free of charge at:

Course format

This web class recording will be a combination of structured learning points, using a Powerpoint presentation. Once you are enrolled, you have access to all course materials.

*This course will be available for 28 days from the date of purchase. 

Part 1:

  • The mthn elements of the ‘compensation code’
  • Authorisation procedures: Compulsory Purchase Orders, Notices of Entry, General Vesting declarations
  • Surveyor’s role in preliminary work
  • Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project procedure
  • Accommodation works: principles and examples
  • Compensation claims for landowners and owner-occupiers
  • Role of the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) (formerly Lands Tribunal)


Part 2:

  • Special position of tenant farmers
  • Acquisition by termination of tenancy or Notice of Entry
  • Procedures to protect entitlement to compulsory purchase compensation
  • Relationship with other land owned or occupied by tenant farmers
  • Formulation of a tenant farmer’s claim for compensation
  • Part One Claims, Land Compensation Act 1973
  • Section 10 (McCarthy) Claims, Compulsory Purchase Act 1965

£60 + VAT