We operate accreditations and certifications for our professionals and non- professionals. Subscription notices are sent separately for these qualifications. The following content provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Contact details

You can keep your contact details and preferences up to date by logging into our website (top right of this page).

Your details on other online services (for example, registers, communities, tools) provided as part of your accreditation/certification must be updated separately. Please send an email with instructions or queries.

  • For the Expert Witness Accreditation Service email us.
  • For all other accreditations/certifications email us.


If you require a copy invoice or require the address, currency or tax to be changed please email us.


Please follow the instructions on your invoice. The preferred method of payment is by phone using a debit/credit card.

BACS payments are also accepted. Please ensure you send a remittance advice via email, so your account can be reconciled efficiently.


Following resignation or removal from accreditation/certification you may apply to be readmitted. The procedure to follow will depend on when you were first accredited/certified and the reasons for your resignation/removal.

Readmission may not require further assessment but will involve payment of a registration fee and declaration against the accreditation/certification terms and conditions. For more details on your specific circumstances please email us.


All accreditations/certifications require the completion of relevant continuing professional development. A record of your CPD can be requested at any time. Your accreditation/certification may also require you to complete reassessment after three or five years. We will contact you in advance of your reassessment being due.


  • To resign we require notification from you in writing.
  • For the Expert Witness Accreditation Service please email us.
  • For all other accreditations/certifications please email us.


VAT is payable on products and services (in this case qualifications). The subscription for the qualification is therefore liable for VAT.

Our professional subscriptions (for AssocRICS, MRICS, FRICS qualifications), are exempt from VAT because they provide membership of an organisation. This exemption does not apply to accreditations and certifications because these qualifications do not provide membership of RICS.

The accreditation/certification services are provided by RICS as a VAT registered organisation in the UK and therefore UK VAT is chargeable on these services. For services provided to overseas customers the following rules will be applied,

  • A supply to a business, on proof of status or production of a VAT/GST number, will not be chargeable to UK VAT but the reverse charge procedure may apply in the customer’s location.
  • A supply to an individual consumer will be liable to VAT/GST in the location of the supplier and UK VAT will be charged.

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