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21 MAR 2018

First Pledge150 housing projects announced

Three unique housing projects are the first to benefit from our Pledge150 campaign, with funds going towards 20 bed spaces for young homeless people.

Each project not only enables young homeless people to gain a safe, secure home, but also the support they need to lead an independent, happy life.

Making a positive difference

Our Pledge150 campaign, launched in partnership with LandAid as part of our 150th anniversary, aims to deliver at least 150 bed spaces for young homeless people across all 12 UK regions by December 2018. Funds raised during the first quarter of the year will part fund the following housing projects:

Homes for young homeless people

Somerset Care & Repair has been granted £60,000 towards creating three one-double bed modular homes in Yeovil in the South West. The charity provides onsite training for unemployed people in modular construction and it will work with probation services to identify youth ex-offenders who can work on this project to gain construction skills for future employment.

"By using modern construction techniques and timber-frame housing not only can we provide low-cost homes, but more importantly, we can provide opportunities for homeless people to learn new and practical skills. We hope that we can create a model that can be rolled out across the county, and possibly further, that creates jobs, housing and a future for younger homeless people who struggle the most," said Mike Lake, managing director, Somerset Care & Repair.

Nottinghamshire YMCA has been granted over £51,600 towards renovating a 19-bed hostel in Goole, East Yorkshire in to living accommodation with welcome communal areas. The YMCA not only provide safe accommodation to young homeless people, they also provide specialist support to ensure they have the skills needed to live a healthy and independent life.

"The move to supported accommodation at Goole YMCA was the start of my new life. The staff are helping me a lot and if it wasn’t for them I would still be an addict and I wouldn’t have the opportunities that I have now," said William, who has been helped by Nottinghamshire YMCA.

YMCA Norfolk has been granted £24,000 to help fund the renovation and conversation of a run-down care-home into shared flats in Great Yarmouth in the East of England. This project will look to provide safe, secure and affordable homes for 14 young people for up to two years at a time.

One such former homeless person the charity has given a new lease of life to is James, who at 16 ended up sofa-surfing after revealing his sexuality to his father, and feeling as though he was no longer welcome at home. Two years later, James is now living in YMCA Norfolk's ‘move-on’ accommodation in Norwich, which is just like the ‘move-on’ accommodation that will be created in Great Yarmouth. He is now working with his Engagement Worker as he prepares to move out into his own his own place.

Get involved with Pledge150

See who’s supporting the RICS Pledge150 campaign, and find out how you can get involved – including fundraising ideas and marketing tools available. You can also find details of any Pledge150 fundraisers taking place in your region.