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19 JUN 2018

RICS Matrics Young Surveyor of the Year: an asset to surveying

Nicola Dixon-Brown has been described as ‘a determined, person, who clearly cares for not just her own work but her team and her industry, a real inspiration’.

Here Nicola tells us how she got into the career, what motivates her and why she is proud to be named Asset and Facilities Management winner at RICS Matrics Young Surveyor of the Year Awards 2017.

Delivering results to my clients and supporting my team means everything to me. It is so important to build great working relationships with clients and colleagues by prioritising their needs - only then does the job become mutually rewarding for everyone involved.

Journey into asset management

Soon after I became chartered my journey with Client Relationship Management started to take roots. For a particular client I was given a single property to manage. Over the next five years my commitment resulted in this client passing me the management of all their new acquisitions. Within the management team, I built the portfolio from one property to more than 14, taking the assets under management from £20m to £250m. This client became the most important client within my firm’s management portfolio, for which I was very proud.

Additionally, these were very prestigious buildings and without a doubt they increased our presence in the management market. My colleagues recognised this as an outstanding achievement, and I was bowled over by the generous testimonial that the client gave.

Doing business in a sustainable way, and inspiring others to do the same is a real passion of mine.

A brighter, more sustainable future

Doing business in a sustainable way, and inspiring others to do the same is a real passion of mine. Working with our environmental team I have implemented a variety of sustainable measures for clients including a coppicing regime, wild flowering, planting hedgerows and installing bee and bug hotels. These natural improvements increase the biodiversity of our clients’ sites by conserving, restoring, recreating and reconnecting wildlife habitat. Working with local schools has inspired children to learn more about the importance of the natural world, and why they should conserve it.

On a slightly larger scale with the help of my colleagues, we revised the  waste management scheme in a shopping centre in West London. It now recycles more than 600+ kgs of waste every year, with nothing going to landfill and we have seen a 90 percent reduction in CO2 emissions. Our client was delighted to report to his investors how we have reduced the centres impact on the environment.

Inspiring future generations

Since starting my APC in 2006, I have been heavily involved with RICS Matrics working to inspire, engage and promote young professionals. Through Matrics I have networked, shared ideas, formed study groups and met some of my closest friends. I am proud to be part of the best professional youth organisation there is, and upholding the value of the profession is core to my everyday work ethic.

Having been chartered for eight years now, I enjoy providing leadership within my team. I work closely with graduates and APC candidates by mentoring, supervising and helping with mock APC interviews.

A friend said to me recently, “You have a real sparkle in your eye every time you speak about your job and RICS.” I’m delighted that it shows!